Staying sane during these crazy times

Live on purpose

Knowing why you get up in the morning and what drives you is kind of important.

Keep structure in your day

This keeps you moving in the right direction and builds positive momentum.

Make daily deposits into your optimism account

Refuse to feed negative thoughts or the endless what-if’s out there.

Stay informed, but watch less news

Get updated quickly without being overwhelmed with media hype or overload.

Be wise, but do not fear

Wash your hands, take precautions, abide by restrictions, but don’t give into fear.

Go outside and play

Fresh air and sunlight provide great benefits both physically and mentally.

Drop and give me 20

There’s plenty you can do to stay healthy and energized without a gym.

Eat your vegetables and sleep well

Mom does know best.

Encourage others

Speak words of hope and love into worry and fear.

Laughter really is good medicine

Find something that makes you smile every day and share it with others.

Reconnect with someone

Reach out to a friend or a family member you’ve been meaning to.

Show generosity and compassion

Find ways to give and help others.

Count your blessings

Even in uncertain times, there’s so much to be thankful for.


For one another, for our leaders, for our medical professionals, for a cure.